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Garlic oil

25.00 AED
Garlic oil  -
The benefits of garlic oil for hair in addition to the benefits mentioned earlier, is the garlic oil an effective treatment to get rid of various hair problems, including: Hair extension: feeding garlic oil on the hair from the root, and thus lead to an increase in length, and makes it much more powerful because of the vitamins contained in garlic oil. Fight dandruff: The garlic oil is very effective in eliminating dandruff; as a result because it contains sulfur, also it cleanses the scalp, treats fungal infections and itching; because it is an effective anti-fungal and bacteria and microbes, yet maintain use moisturizes garlic oil scalp to become more healthy. Prevent hair loss: garlic oil helps to nourish hair follicles and strengthened Jdhuha, and thus helps to intensify the hair and prevent hair loss.
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