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Recipe Moroccan Wonderful To Smooth Friz

120.00 AED
Recipe Moroccan Wonderful To Smooth Friz -
Recipe Moroccan wonderful to smooth frizz.
Ingredients :
- Senior two tablespoons of herb Alzaz crushed
- Tablespoon olive oil
- Tablespoon sesame oil
- Warm water as much hair volume
Way easy to mix all the ingredients together and volatile well,, and placed on the hair and must push the mixture to the scalp where saturated by Tuft from the roots and even parties,, then left for two hours, and, wash the hair well.
This recipe fact tried and have wonderful benefits, especially they contain the herb Alzaz Moroccan,, where it's uniqueness and blessed and moisturizes curly hair and coarse.
- The advantage is also a way that they are easy to prepare.
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