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Tripon General Trading is a company Specialized in Importing and Distributing Wholesale and Retail & Manufacturing of all Personal Care Products for salons and women’s requirements . In addition of importing Moroccan food products , Green tea, Olive oil, Spices, Herbs and Moroccan Argan . We are ready to export all over the world. like, Iraq, Oman, Bahrain and Kuwait in a very excellent prices .

Moroccan soap with olive oil for Morocca

10.00 AED
Moroccan soap with olive oil for Morocca -
We are honored to provide a service to sell all Moroccan bathroom accessories from Moroccan soap olive oil imported from Morocco directly in packages of 5 kilo and 1 kilo and half a kilo at excellent prices are ready to export to all over the world with delivery services inside and outside the UAE for the request please call the Secretary 0506803551
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