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Tripon General Trading is a company Specialized in Importing and Distributing Wholesale and Retail & Manufacturing of all Personal Care Products for salons and women’s requirements . In addition of importing Moroccan food products , Green tea, Olive oil, Spices, Herbs and Moroccan Argan . We are ready to export all over the world. like, Iraq, Oman, Bahrain and Kuwait in a very excellent prices .

Wholesale and exporting in the UAE cosme

33.60 AED
Wholesale and exporting in the UAE cosme -
For sale wholesale of salons, traders and importers from the factory directly and at wholesale prices and prices do not accept competition in the UAE and outside the UAE All cosmetics for salons and personal care All hair care from the bath oil cream moisturizing hair shampoo keratin protein hair dyes natural oils all care from the creams of nature Balarkan Moroccan All the requirements Moroccan bath, Moroccan soap, lip balm and honest lotion
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