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Intertruck Benelux B.V. is a leading importer and distributor of truck, bus and trailer parts for the professional market. We have an extensive range of quality products available from stock. Our expertise, a high order fill and a service-oriented organismic enable us to distribute quickly our products in the Benelux region and throughout Europe. Our clients are among others bodybuilders and trailer manufacturers, automotive wholesales, importers of trucks & trailers and industrial clients.
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Fastening Materials
Under this section we are distributing Hose Clips, Pipe Clips, Cotter Pins and Locking Pins, Ball Joints, Cable Ties, Adhesive Cable Clips, Universal Tapes. Our Brands are ABA and HELLERMANN TYTON
Accessories and Appurtenances
In this secton we have Air Horns, Air Blowguns, Assortmens in Chest and Boxes, Security Locks, Gas Caps, TIR Materials, Rubber Buffers, Loading Belts, Cargo Rods, Hood Planks, Bonnet Hooks, SWF Windscreen Wiper and Stabilus. Our brands are HADLY, 3M, SWF, REFLEX, FROVER, CRC, MOLYKOTE, BULDOG PRODUCTS, ALLMARK, STABILUS
Safety & Signaling Articles
Under this section we are distributing Fire Extinguishers, Fire Extinguisher Boxes, Hornz and Buzzers, Back-Up Alarms, Rear-View Camera System, Side Protection, Marker Signs, VLG Signs, Marker Tapes, Retro-Reflecting Tapes, Reflectors, Registration Plate and Document Holder, Tachograph Discs and Snowchains. Our Brands are LEXGUARD, EASTERN, ONESCO, REFLECTORS, ATTINGER, ULO, ALLMARK, BRIGADE, 3M and AVERY DENNISION
Air-Brake Components
In Air-Brake Components section, we are distributing Valves, Membrance Cylinders, Yokes, Palm Couplings, Brake Tubing, Pipe Couplings, Weatherhead, Test Points and Air Coils. Our Brands are WABCO, HALDEX, KNORR-BREMSE, JURID, MEI, JG, ZIMMERMANN, ENOTS, BERTOCCO, BREMBO, ALLEN and WEATHERHEAD
Axle and Suspension Parts
In Axle and Suspension Section, we have Brak Discs/ Brake Pads/ Wear Indicators, Brake Claws, Brake Drums, Brake Lining, Riveting Tools, Wheel Bolts and Nuts, Bearing, Slack Adjusters, Steering Parts, Shock Absorbers, Cabin Shock Absorbers, Air Springs, Parking Brakes, Steel Wire and Replacement Bush for Drawbar Eye. Our Brands are BWP, SMB, SAF, MERITORS, HENDRICKSON, GIGANT, MORNOE MANGNUM, HALDEX, SACHS, WABCO, GOOD YEAR, SKF, FIRESTONE, LEMFORDER anD IRELLI
Chassis Components
In Chassis Component Section, we have Mud guards & Mud Flaps, Tool Boxes, Wheel Chockes, Spare Wheel Carriers, Landing Legs, Landing Leg Parts, Kingpin and Spare Parts for fifth wheels. Our Brands are JOST, SCHONEK, ROCKINGER, EXSPRAY, VBG and JONESCO
Electrical Components
In Electrical Section, we are distributing Plugs & Sockets, Test Appliances, Junction Boxes, Grommets, Cable, Emergency Starter Cable Set, Cable Terminals, Fuses, Relays, Heat Shrink Sleaves, Insulating Taps, Converters, Flexible Pipes, Batteries, Startes Terminals, Battery and Ground Cables, Puchbutton Swithes Master/End Switches, Electro Coils and Lift Control Boxes. Our Brands are AK, MEMBER'S, P, REMA, MAEHLER & KAEGE, STUDER, ALCATEL, DURA SEAL, DYNA MIGHT, BRADHARRISON, BRITAX, MAFELEC, BA
We have Rear Lamps, Reversing Lamps, Rear Fog Lamps, Direction Indicator Lamps, Marker Lamps, Number Plate Lamps, Side Position Lamps, Tailgate Lamps, Trailerkits, Work Lamps, Long & Wide Range Driving Lights, Fog Lamps, Head Lights, Explosion-Proof Lamp, Sockets, Bulbs, Reading Lights and Flash Lights for all kinds of Trucks. Our Brands are HELLA, VIGNAL, OSRAM, BRITAX, DELTA DESIGN, LEART, ROBBOLITE, AUTEROCHEM, MAGNET MARELLI, SAW, ASPOCK, ULO, ML and ERMAX
Heating Elements
Heating elements for mirror glasses. Can be used in almost any mirror frame. The elements have a self-adhesive back. To be mounted on the glass where no tape has been placed. The adhesive strength and heat transfer are then optimal. The cable length is 250 mm and if desired fitted with cable eyes.
Mirror Supports
We have all kingd of mirror supports in the stock
Showing Products 1 - 10 of 11 Products from Intertruck Mena LLC