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Al Geeza Cafeteria, Al AinAl Geeza Cafeteria is new on

We have Eygeption Falafel and foul .

+971 50 8303350

Al Huriya Fish Resturant, Ras Al KhaimahAl Huriya Fish Resturant is new on

الى الاخوة والاخوات الذين لا يحبون السمك ولا اْكله بسبب رائحته وعدم التعود على تناول السمك ننصح بزيارة مطعمنا بمنطقة المعيريض براْس الخيمة بالقرب من سوق السمك واْطلب وجبة السمك الاولى والتي تدخلك في حب السمك من جديد والتعود على اكله حيث تميزنا بالشوي والقلي والفليه بعيدا من رائحتها المعتادة التقليدية.. فلا تحرم جسمك من بحرالطيبعة التي وهبنا الله اِليها ولما لها من فوائد عظيمة علي صحتنا.. زورونا لتجدوا التميز بالماكولات البحرية الطازجة يوميا ومن بوابة سوق السمك .

+971 7 2288969
+971 50 7102177

Al Jazaier Restaurant, SharjahAl Jazaier Restaurant is new on

We are here to serve you. The most delicious Indian, Mughali, Thandour, Continental & Chinese dishes.

+971 6 5628480

Al Mukalla New Restaurant, SharjahAl Mukalla New Restaurant is new on

Mukalla is the new restaurant of the most famous restaurants, specializing in Mendy and mazbi in Sharjah Free home delivary .

+971 6 5640374

Al Safadi Restaurant, DubaiAl Safadi Restaurant is new on

opened in Dubai on 15th August 2001in Al Reqqa Street,which is one of the most important area for tourism and shopping. This street celebrates all activities of shopping festival’s and Eid in grand style. Our restaurant has had great success by the grace of God. and we hope to keep serving good food to the people of U.A.E. We serve tasty Lebanese food, grills & fresh raw meat cut’s like Kebbeh, Habra and special steaks with spices and mushrooms. And we also serve all kinds of traditional Lebanese appetizers. We also do free home delivery. We are a well known name in Lebanon with a good reputation of being in the restaurant business for 30 years. Our traditional cuisines have been relished through out Lebanon and now we are here in the U.A.E. The restaurant in Al Reqqa is managed by Mr. Fadi Safadi. For further information they you can contact the address below:

+971 4 2279922
+971 4 2271737

Al Safadi Restaurant and Grill, Al AinAl Safadi Restaurant and Grill is new on

Al Safadi Restaurant & Grill is located in the middle of Al Ain city, in the heart of the trading market in Sh. Khalifa Rd. We are specialist in preparing the best Lebanese food and beverages, in addition to the grills and fresh fish. We also prepare high quality eastern dishes, spicy shwarma, and all kinds of bakes. Add to that the Lebanese fresh Kebba and the raw.

+971 3 7655331
+971 50 6188115

Al Sandok Restaurant, DubaiAl Sandok Restaurant is new on

We cater all your food needs.

+971 4 880 9945
+971 50 698 8905

Al Sawaqi Cafeteria, DubaiAl Sawaqi Cafeteria is new on

We have the all kinds of meet, fishes sandwiches and vegetable, cheese and chicken. All kinds of fresh and special beverages.

+971 4 2262493
+971 4 2669034

Al Tawash Restaurant, DubaiAl Tawash Restaurant is new on

- The most delicious Arabic And Syrian Food. - Daily miscellaneous dish, Grills, Appetizer, Shwarma, Flafil. - Daily Breakfast meals, bakes, and different kinds of fresh beverages. - Occasions and Invitations. - Free home delivery.

+971 4 2711215

Barbar Pastry, Al AinBarbar Pastry is new on

Pizza, Bakery items, Shawarma, all kinds Sandwiches, Appetizers + Salads, Fresh Juices.

+971 3 7656544