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Adriatic Kitchens established in United Arab Emirates since 2002, located in Sharjah Industrial Area No: 6, our kitchen cabinets production is targeting all UAE emirates, GCC countries as well as exporting to all other Asian & African countries. We are focusing on high quality production specially for Villas, as well as on commercial level for Towers &Residencial buildings. In the past ten years our establishment has achieved excellent success and become a pioneer in its specialty of wooden as well aluminum kitchen cabinets and built-in wardrobes as well as walk in dressing room, due for our continues following up the international trends in kitchen techniques such like materials, accessories and design, and by maintaining certain quality that has permitted us to extend our warranty for ten years on all our products. Our establishment is guarantying always competitive prices, with fast delivery terms, as well as punctuality in production as per the designs & the specifications required by our clients. Indeed our first ten years of success has given our clients credibility in our quality and professional manner in handling all customer’s satisfaction. We hope always to the best, by maintaining our excellent goals.
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سطح غاز أربع عيون زرع ألماني الصنع

1,300.00 AED
سطح غاز أربع عيون زرع ألماني الصنع -
Overall measurements (mm)
Height/Width/Depth 580/500/30
Measurements of base unit:
Width/Depth 553/473
Electric connection
Power supply (V) 230
Frequence (Hz) 50/60
Maximum nominal power (W) 0.6
Maximum power (Kw) 7,3
Gas types: butane, propane, natural •
Heating elements
Triple ring burner 3.8 Kw Triple
ring burner 3.5/4.0 Kw Triple
ring burner 3.35 Kw Triple
ring burner 3.1 Kw Fish
burner 2.8 Kw Fast
burner 3.0 Kw Fast
burner 2.8 Kw 1
Fast burner 2.6 Kw Fast
burner 2.3 Kw Semi
fast burner 1.75 Kw 2
Semi fast burner 1.70 Kw Semi
fast burner 1.30 Kw Auxiliary
burner 1.0 Kw 1
Electric solid plate Ø 145 mm, 0,700 W Electric
solid plate ø 145 mm, 1,000 W Electric
solid plate ø 145 mm, 1,500 W Electric
solid plate ø 180 mm, 1,500 W Features
Squared corners •
Round corners Auto
ignition •
Autolock safety device •
lamp indicator Accessories
Enameled grids for cooking over burners •
Cast iron grids for cooking over burners •
Individual cast grids Grid
accessory Supplementary
small recipient
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