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Asrar Al Siha is a traditional food and herbal shop providing authentic and first quality products ranging from original sidr honey to cold pressed black seed oil. Our main product categories includes quality honey from Yemen, Uzbekistan, India, Pakistan, Africa, all types of herbal oils, 12 types of herbal tea, Indian spices, dry fruits, dates, nuts, pulses, cerials, grains, Palestine olive oil, miswak and much more Visit us For home delivery: 06-5221030 Call or Whatsapp us on 058-2898360

Senna Leaves 100g

12.00 AED
Senna Leaves 100g -
o If you are struggling with constipation, bloating, cramping or indigestion, senna tea can often help by promoting the normal flow of food and waste matter through your bowels.
o Improves hair quality
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