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other brands especially imitation brands is not good for our skin and our health. That is why most of the women are having problems such as Crack dry and dark lips, skin allergy and others. What makes Vantage International M&Co Cosmetics different to other brands. less lead content (too much lead content can cause skin cancer) milk content (M&Co means Milk and Company so basically milk content cosmetics)

M&co. Cosmetics Iconic - Alex's Love

35.00 AED
M&co. Cosmetics Iconic - Alex
Product details of M&Co. Cosmetics Kissproof Iconic Lips BOLD MATTE Liquid Lipstick - Alex's Love

Kissproof,Bold Color, Lightweight, LongLasting,Matte Finish, Smudge-Proof,Ultra Pigmented
M&co. Cosmetics Eyeliner - Walnut Brown Hits: 998 M&co. Cosmetics Mascara