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MONTANA Pomegrenate Melass 0569621811

10.00 AED
MONTANA Pomegrenate Melass   0569621811  -
Wholesale Distributor 0569621811
250 ml
Concentrate Pomegranate Juice, Citric Acid, Sugar, Water 100% Natural product of Lebanon.

This pomegranate paste is one of the Top 10 pantry ingredients noted in Yotem Ottolenghi's new cookbook, SIMPLE.

Long a favorite ingredient in Middle Eastern and Persian cuisine, pomegranate molasses (or paste) is starting to be recognized more and more here for its versatility and the rich, distinct sweet-tart flavor flavors it brings to a wide range of dishes.

MONTANA pomegranate molasses is made from tart pomegranates and a little sugar added to balance the tartness. It is reduced to a thick, molasses-like consistency, and rather than the bright red of the fresh fruit, it's a dark, syrupy mahogany color, sometimes with a slightly grainy texture.
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