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  • Al Yasmeen Al Shami Restaurant Ajman

    We have the most delicious Arabic food - Grill tray with appetizers - grilled platter with appetizers - grills on your own and all kinds of Al Shami and Arabic dishes

  • Cafeteria Falafel Khalifa Ajman

    Falafel Khalifa, the first in Ajman. Best food and delicious sandwiches and services. Free Home delivery. Shawarma meat, chicken , Mexican. Falafel, humus, Msabaha.

  • Fool Al Waha Cafeteria Ajman

    Sudanese cuisine has very distinct flavours, influenced by cuisines from across the African continent and the Middle East. There is a variety of rare plants, spices, fruits and vegetables that are unique to Sudan and add distinction to Sudanese cuisine. Al Waha Foul Cafeteria serves the most delicious Sudanese dishes such as beans and falafel - fattah - fesikh - meat aqashi - chicken aqashi - liver - sausage ... etc.

  • Golden Castle Cafeteria Ajman

    Golden Castle Cafe is a restaurant located in Ajman -UAE, serving a selection of Grills that delivers across Al Jurf 2. Their best selling dishes are Hot Chocolate, although they have a variety of dishes and meals to choose from, like Hot Drinks.

  • Humaira cafeteria and restaurant Ajman

    We have All kind of south indian food - biryani, chicken curry, mutton grills, fresh fish and many more- grill Checken and all kind of jucies and tea .

  • Juha Cafeteria & Sweets Ajman

    Welcome in the Emirate of Ajman -- Juha Cafeteria & Sweets presents Kunafa Nabulsia with Cheese and Cream - Egyptian Kunafa with nuts - Fresh juice - Spleen sandwiches with pepper and Garlic - Falafel - Hommus and Fool.

  • Sahan Daffi cafeteria and restaurant Ajman

    We have all Sudanese food and drinks available commune - trotters- acacia- Liver- beans and falafel - something- Meat Fatteh- Rib pie- Fried nipper- juices - baobab - hibiscus - Soft drinks + water- plain tea - coffee - milk tea - Nutella Luqaimat - Luqaimat with powdered sugar - Luqaimat with honey and coconut - long smoke- custard - Balah Sham- buckle - aunt bolt - gargoor with nuts-

  • Shurooq Al Yemen Restaurant Ajman

    we are one of the the most famous Yemeni restaurants in Ajman, specializing in Mendy -Haned , Makhmod and mazbi and we have Fresh Juices - Free home delivery .

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