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Sweets and Roastery

  • Al Atlal Roastery Sharjah

    • Rahash • Brazilian Coffee • Nuts • Arabian Sweets • Cakes • Halawit Aljibin • Artificial Flowers • Gift Boxes • MalaBin • Moroccan Sweets

  • Al Douri Sweets & Roastery Sharjah

    We have arabic ice cream, halawehbil jebneh, knafeh bil koshtah, knafeh naboulsieh, mamoul bil fistok, dates and nuts. Various cakes with stand wedding boulboul nest, shabieh bil koshtah & nuts and all kinds of mixed biklawa and betyfour, gift items, fresh coffee. We specialize in car decoration. "WE ARE NOT ALONE IN THIS FIELD BUT WE ARE TRYING TO BE THE BEST "

  • Al Fustuq Al Halabi Roastery Sharjah

    Candy- Nuts - Iranian Saffron - Spices - Coffee

  • Al Ghadeer Sweets & Roastery Sharjah

    Provide you with all types of sweets and chocolate, Italian, Belgian and French luxury. Brazilian coffee with cardamom, nuts and Alrhish - different kinds of discounted prices on holidays and events .

  • Al Hosni Omani Sweets Sharjah

    Dealing with all kind of Omani sweets

  • Al Louz Roastery Sharjah

    We have all kinds of nuts and Iranian sweets. Za'fran, Caviar, Natural Viagra, Al Men W Al Salwa - Brazilian Coffee, Suhan sweets, Iranian rice.

  • Barzah Sweets Sharjah

    France -Pettifor - Fresh Chocolate - Belgian Chocolate-coated- Figs – Ain Al Jamal

  • Zahrat Al Maghrib Sweets Sharjah

    We are in Zahrat Al maghrib offer delicious Moroccan desserts . We are in this field since long time and we are fully prepared To meet the requests of all types of concerts and events.

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