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  • Jawhara Jewellery Umm Al Quwain Umm Al Quwain

    Jwhara Jewellery is a UAE-based company with a history of more than 100 years in manufacturing, wholesale and retail in gold and diamond industry with a network of 73 stores in the UAE. Jawhara Jewellerys’ unique collections derived from heritage and traditions, modern and in line with everyday life. We have our own designs and a wide selection of world-class brands to suit all tastes. Jawhara Jewellery aims to expand and reach you wherever you are with 150 stores by 2020

  • Taiba Jewellery Umm Al Quwain

    Taiba Jewellery - a brilliant name in the Jewellery stores in Umm Al Quawain since 2001 , and we strive to provide the best designs and best services to our valued customers. We have 3 branches distributed all over Umm Al Quawain- we buy and sell all kinds of yellow and white gold 18-21-22-24 - The best types of diamonds, precious stones and gold bars We have customizes and repair services. Please visit us to find the latest designs.

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