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Xshot Dino Attack Ultimate Dino Attck Combo – 4859

The dino invaders will stand no chance against your brave little child, especially if they have this amazing X-Shot-Dino Attack Combo Pack Hunter And Eliminator with them! This wonderful toy is here to make your little one’s day much more exciting as they spend hours playing around, or rather, defending the world from these vicious invaders. Your child can use this foam blaster to shoot the egg targets and protect the world from any more invaders disrupting the peace. This toy is the perfect way to encourage more creativity and imaginative play in your little one as they enjoy playing all day long. This incredible game set is a must-have for your child that they will surely love to play with every day. Brand: X-Shot Features Set contains two pieces, one claw hunter and one dino striker Comes with 6 dino eggs as targets to be blasted away All pieces made with great quality material, making it durable Set contains 48 foam darts for long-lasting fun Vibrant colors and design make this wonderful plus visually appealing Incredibly accurate shots up to 27 m or 90 feet away WhatsApp: 0503814302

AED 205

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