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X-SHOT – Dino Attack – Hunter (2 Medium Egg, 2 Small Eggs & 16 Darts)

X-Shot’s incredible Dino Attack- Hunter is here to make your little one’s day so much more fun. This dart blaster is here to make your Dino-Hunter even more efficient at shooting with the foam darts to capture all the nasty and scary dinos! These dart blasters provide the perfect accuracy for a great shot every time and have additional storage space for more darts which will make the fun last longer! Join the dino eggs together and blast them away before they hatch, to save the world from more dino attacks! None of these invaders will survive your little dino hunter’s accurate shots.Read Less Brand : X-Shot Features : Auto-rotating, 6-dart barrel High-quality materials and durable build Bright colors and amazing design to make it visually appealing Additional 6-dart storage Extreme accuracy up to 27 m or 90 feet away Comes with 2 medium and 2 small eggs WhatsApp: 0503814302

AED 95

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