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Monami Baby Bed Royal With Mosquito Net-Gray

Portable wheeled swinging baby basket made of beech wood plywood. It is suitable for use in newborn babies between 0-12 months. The baby basket, which can be moved thanks to its wheels, which allows babies to lie next to their parents after birth, when babies need intensive care. Material Definitions: Wood: Beech Wood Plywood Plywood: It is produced by pressing the fibers of healthy and dense textured logs, thin wood layers obtained by the peeling technique in state-of-the-art machines in the form of thin wood layers (papel) under high pressure, in the desired thickness and with glue suitable for the intended use. These production stages increase the usage time and durability of the product several times more. Mosquito net protection against flies and insects Size: 105x75x80 Mosquito Stand size: 83cm Colour: Gray WhatsApp: 0503814302

AED 1849

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