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Water level Controller

The Water Level Controller provides switching control of pump motor and pumps water from ground-level tank to overhead tank when the tank is completely empty. No. of ICs used: 2 The Water Level Controller makes use of two flip-flops for each of the two tanks i.e. the overhead tank and the ground level tank and each tank has three probes to monitor its status. When there is no water in the overhead tank, both the BC148 transistors (T1 and T2) do not conduct, which resets the flip-flop comprising of gates N1 and N2. Since its Q output is used, the output fed into N3 is 1. When the underground tank is full transistors T3 and T4 both conduct, thereby setting the flip-flop comprising N7 and N8, whose Q output, namely 1, is fed into N3. The output of N3 is 0 which is inverted and used to trigger transistor SL100 and he motor is switched ON. Learning: Application of NPN transistor for switching purposes. Application of the quad NAND gate IC 7400. Brand: Kits'n'spares, Marketed by: Kits'n'spares

AED 29

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